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Case study: Fiber-to-the-Home Council Europe

Portland Advisers was appointed jointly with an industry partner as financial adviser to the Fibre to the Home Council of Europe in order to prepare a study on the potential for stimulating FTTH rollout using innovative financing packages. The Project included the following notable features:

Portland Advisers designed a ground-breaking new PPP structure, which was designed specifically for FTTH Projects. This structure was very well received by infrastructure lenders and equity funds during the soft-market testing phase of the project.

Along with Ventura Team, the industry partner, Portland Advisers modelled the impact of the proposed financing package on a pan-European basis, and presented the conclusions to an audience of industry and financing experts in Brussels.

Portland Advisers advised and assisted in the design of a package of regulatory measures in relation to their financing impact. The final report and a review of the Brussels presentation can be found here: