Due to its growing importance, Portland covers the Renewable Energy sector in its broadest sense: power generation from all sources of renewable and sustainable sources such as solar, wind, landfill methane gas, hydro, biomass, waste-to-energy schemes and biofuel generation plants.

Landmark transactions include:

  • 40MW Dahanu solar PV project, India
  • 50M Kiran Energy solar PV project, India
  • 100MW Rajasthan CSP project, India (see case study)
  • Green Africa Power.

Geographic spread takes in all of Europe including Central & Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia (including China) and Africa.

Our services include:

  • Structuring of finance plans for both greenfield and operating projects, including detailed financial modelling
  • Compilation of business plans in preparation for lender presentation
  • Drafting of term sheets, project information memorandum and any other supporting material
  • Providing support in negotiation of project contracts
  • Coordination of all lending activities (due diligence, closing and satisfaction of conditions precedent);
  • Structuring products such as mezzanine debt, preference shares, etc to add value for existing capital providers
  • ECA/Agency/Government advisory.

Funding options, depending on the project’s location, regulatory regime and renewable subsidy scheme (e.g. feed in tariffs versus market-based green certificates) will include a wide variety of sources including commercial banks, multilateral lending agencies (ADB, EIB, EBRD), bilateral development banks / agencies (DEG, FMO) and export credit agencies and political risk insurers.

Contacts for Renewables:
Geoff Knox | +44 (0)20 7183 8387 | geoff.knox@portlandadvisers.com