by Nick Flitterman

Portland’s Ian Cogswell at the Petroleum Economist’s LNG-to-Power Forum

Portland was represented at the Petroleum Economists recent LNG to Power forum, held in London on 18th October.  Europe’s ambition to displace two-thirds of its Russian gas demand by the end of 2022, and eliminate its dependence well before 2030, is a game-changer for European LNG; for the continent’s gas-fired power sector; and will impact Africa, the MENA region and the rest of the world. The conference debated these issues across a range of panel discussions.  Ian is currently advising Portland clients on raising debt finance for LNG import terminals as well as clients raising debt for gas-based projects in Africa.  He shared his knowledge during the discussion specifically focusing on LNG-to-Power in Africa.

“LNG-to-Power in Africa: Time to Take Another Crack at the Nut” discussed a number of key topics, including:

  • Is now the time?
  • What are the current drivers for LNG, and gas, in sub-Saharan Africa and in North Africa?
  • Where are the most promising opportunities on the continent? And what are the biggest challenges?
  • Why hasn’t LNG-to-power taken off in Africa since January 2019?
  • Looking forward: how will LNG-to-power and gas-to-power fit within the continent’s green energy mix and objectives?
  • Structuring bankable projects

You can view the post-event report here.

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Portland’s Cogswell at the Petroleum Economist’s LNG-to-Power Forum