by Nick Flitterman

Portland Advisers, as part of the Trinity Consortium also including Trinity International LLP, a law firm with a specialised focus on Africa, and Evolution Markets, a carbon broker  and transaction structuring firm, has won the advisory mandate to progress the development of PIDG’s Green Africa Power (“GAP”) initiative.  Each of the three members of the consortium brings together directly relevant experience in relation to the GAP concept and in developing a comprehensive business model for GAP respectively.

GAP’s overriding purpose is to facilitate the development of renewable power generation capacity on a broad scale in sub-Saharan Africa, one of the most power starved regions in the world, and, in doing so, providing a platform for further socio-economic development. Using funds from donor nations, GAP intends to apply a variety of support instruments  that are being designed to directly address the typical weaknesses and restrictions that cause projects in these regions to stall before financial close.

For further information please contact either Klaus Frietsch (klaus.frietsch@portlandadvisers.com / 020 7183 8394) or Darryck Luiz (darryck.luiz@portlandadvisers.com / 020 7183 8391).

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Portland wins Green Africa Power advisory mandate with PIDG Trust