by Nick Flitterman

Ian Cogswell joins Proximo’s Weekly Debrief to discuss the oil and gas sector in relation to Covid-19

The Proximo Weekly Debrief provides the latest news from the global infrastructure and energy finance sectors. This week, Portland’s Ian Cogswell was asked to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the oil and gas sector.  Topics included the greatest challenges the industry has faced as a result of the pandemic; how the sector has tried to adapt; forecast for a recovery in 2021; and highlighting the most significant deals of 2020.  Listen to the podcast at

Proximo Weekly Podcast 30 Nov 2020 – Ian Cogswell

For further information, contact Ian at ian.cogswell@portlandadvisers.com or +44 20 7183 8214

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Cogswell joins Proximo’s Weekly Podcast – an oil and gas sector Covid-19 special