by Nick Flitterman

Portland A Thought Leader in Clean Tech Financing

Portland’s Ian Cogswell has this month published an article on the challenges associated with the financing and deploying of new clean technology. It has featured in the summer edition of “Energy Focus”, the periodical of the Energy Industries Council (EIC).  The article can be found by clicking here or on the EIC and Energy Focus websites shown below.

Portland Advisers is a proud member of Financing Technology to Net Zero UK ( FTech2Zero), a multiorganizational network of industry experts, who have been drawn together to develop a white paper recognizing the challenges associated with financing and deploying novel technology, raising awareness, and assessing the solutions that can be adapted by both financial institutions and technology providers alike.

Energy Focus on EIC website can be found here.

The Energy Focus article can be found directly here.

For further information, contact Ian at ian.cogswell@portlandadvisers.com or +44 20 7183 8214

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Portland A Thought Leader in Clean Tech Financing